The Tender June
"seashell head phones "

18 years old

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   ;;;;;;;;; My Interests ;;;;;;;;;;
General Blogging; moodboards; poetry;playlists; films...
Music Fiona apple; the smashing pumpkins; the like; julien baker; fx; cocteau twins...
Movies The forgotten colours of dreams; a bride for rip van winkle; picnic at a hanging rock; mamma mia...
Television Not a TV person
Real Life Heroes Sophie; Fiona Apple; Bowie...

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27/09/22 12:00 tender
cloudy 15*c boygenius
black tee podcasts avril lavigne
water sofa gf

☆Hi Sophia, I'm Sophie. I'm a popstar ☆

♝♚♞♛ ...designed... (designed)... ♝♚♞♛
;;;;;;; from all the change in your pockets passed to someone sleeping in the cold to a tender hand grazing your mouth ;;;;;;;;


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Red Apple Being Eaten Red Apple Being Eaten